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AIP 24 – Ambulant Intensive Care 24

Home ventilation is challenging for both the affected patient as well as for their relatives. It doesn’t seem to be imaginable to continue life with a respiratory machine and a breathing mask or tracheal cannula. Thanks to the home ventilation a self-determined life is possible.

Home ventilation is only possible when a professional and cross-sectoral cooperation is guaranteed. Basic requirement is the patient’s mental and physical stability.

The present respiratory machines are handy and easy to carry around. Other than that all machines contain an alarm system which insures further safety. There are two types: overpressure and underpressure respiratory machines. Numerous suppliers allow specific forms of therapy or rather ventilation plans.

Home ventilation offers following advantages:

  • A plus on life quality caused by the familiar surrounding
  • Lower risk of infections
  • Increased compliance and mental stability
  • A plus on mobility and therefore a better social life

Goals of home ventilation:

  • Increasing life quality and therefore the possibility to unfold inner and individual performance
  • Stabilizing the disease process
  • Improving the respiratory function and general condition
  • Recovering of the tired respiratory muscles
  • Reducing secondary consequences of the breathing problem: acute and chronic infections, mucus and fluid formation
  • Improving the lung compliance
  • Re-sensitizing for carbon dioxide
  • Reducing hospitalization and therefore cost reduction

Our nursing service does the monitoring and the ventilation therapy including weaning as well as safety checks regarding the respiratory machines. Health care of the patient with ventilation takes place in their homes or in one of our intensive care shared flats.