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Mission Statement

In 2002 Thorsten Hirschel established the company and got specialized in intensive care with the focus on home ventilation. Since then the company has steadily grown and employs more than 100 reliable qualified nurses by now.

Our most important feature is the constant high quality work which always focuses on the patient’s wellbeing. Thereby we bear same responsibility as physicians and health insurances. We see ourselves as direct partner for all stakeholders in the health system and are available as contact at all times. Together with payers we develop drafts for an efficient health management. For physicians we are a reliable contact, e.g. for discussing cross-sectoral single and follow-up measures.

As we attach great importance to further education for our employees we are able to act straight away anytime, e.g. in the health system new laws are coming up.

Our portfolio offers ambulant intensive care for children and adults as well as the classic ambulant care. Furthermore we offer intensive care shared flats and established a training center for parents of intensive care-needy children.